Innovative Mission Systems, LLC (IMS) was founded to benefit public security by leveraging its team’s experience and expertise in systems integration for the field of water quality and environmental monitoring. The IMS team has extensive experience in systems integration, embedded software systems, sensor integration and testing, SCADA systems integration, control system design, analytical chemistry and mass spectrometry, and remote monitoring operations.

Our capabilities originate from our engineering experience in the water and wastewater industry and the aerospace and defense industry. We have experience integrating many advanced sensors with different interface configurations on various software-hardware platforms.

IMS offers rapid, reliable, robust, and compatible systems integration and support for water quality monitoring to enhance analytical data analysis, data reduction, and data reporting efficiency. IMS can provide the entire end to end systems engineering and integration solutions for your water quality monitoring system, provide instrument integration to existing systems to allow secure real time online monitoring, or provide specific telemetry operational software, analytical chemistry and/or systems engineering support.